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    Envisioning better spaces, we’re working on creating ambience in all aspects of living environments. Our aim is to supply only the best quality materials along with the best service. All of our series can be used both indoors and outdoors and built to endure harsh weather conditions. They are thin, with a thickness of usually between 0.5 – 2 inches, and made for cladding. We’re specialized and well experienced in projects ranging from small size residential upgrades to large size construction projects consisting of hundreds of units.
    Full Product Line

    Thin Bricks (Clay based)

    Thin Bricks (Clay Based)

    Brick veneering in thickness of roughly half an inch. Produced of Clay. Completely hand-made. Work of art.

    Thin Bricks (Cement Based)

    Thin Bricks (Cement Based)

    Face bricks for veneering with an average thickness of half an inch. Made of mainly cement based raw materials. Extremely durable and suitable for both interior and exterior environments.

    Wooden Wall Planks

    Natural wood shiplap. Fully hand made. Weathered and stained to perfection. About quarter-inch in thickness. Peel&stick for easy application.

    Thin Bricks (Marble based)

    Thin Bricks (Marble based)

    Varieties of marble cut into half-inch thickness and modular brick dimensions. Ideal for use in indoor or outdoor spaces, wet areas, and wherever your inspiration might lead you.

    Panels for Easy Brick Application

    Panels for Easy Brick Application

    Easily screwed on walls. Bricks are laid on tracks, eliminating efforts for keeping the application level. Water channels discharge humidity on exterior facades.

    Touch of Art


    That’s right, brick and stone veneers are used indoors almost as much as outdoors. A fine touch on walls is an instant class update to any space. And it’s well suited for a wide spectrum of environments including homes, cafe&restaurants, retail spaces, enterprise buildings, malls, etc. Whether you choose certain sections to create accent walls or decide to veneer the complete area, you’ll create an environment that feels warm and cozy.

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    Envisioning Better Spaces


    A great building deserves the best of a facade. Brick&stone veneerings combine elegant looks with durability. Whether it’s a mall, company headquarters building, hospital building, home development project, or any other building you can think of, we have the solution for you. Made to last, our veneers will showcase your structures with best elements of design for a life time.

    Transforming Landscapes and Architectural Designs With Brick Veneer

    At Faceables Decorative Brick and Stone Coverings, we supply a comprehensive range of commercial and residential brick veneers and wooden wall planks.

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    Thin Brick Veneer

    Thin brick veneer is perfect for giving your home or business more character. This attractive material is excellent for interior and exterior design and can be used in many ways. It’s not just for walls; brick veneer can create stunning features like accent walls and fireplaces.

    Installation costs are lower because the brick veneer is much lighter and easier to work with. Our thin brick products are of premium quality and offer an extensive choice of colors, finishes and designs.

    Commercial Projects

    Thin brick is ideal for commercial projects. It can be styled to suit the type and design of your business, and its classic appearance gives an inviting feel.

    In addition to thin brick, we also offer a selection of wooden wall planks.

    Residential Projects

    Thin brick is perfect for any homeowner who wants to give their house a unique finish. It looks great on facades, as well as in a kitchen or living room. Perfect for a study room too!
    Thin brick veneer gives a timeless appeal that complements any style of property. It’s also durable and cost-effective.

    Our top-quality veneer can give existing or new walls the same look and appeal as original full bricks. Thin brick, or brick veneer, is a type of stone. It’s made from either cement or clay and looks like traditional brick but costs much less.

    There are so many reasons to choose brick veneers.

    Our products are popular with architects and landscapers because they offer so many different style options. With our thin brick veneer, you can improve the look of any project and give it a classic look.
    Thin brick veneer won’t make your walls any more robust, but it will give an extra layer of protection from the weather. Our thin brick will protect your property from moisture, harsh temperatures, and other environmental damage for many years.
    Brick veneer is versatile and can be applied to various surfaces, including concrete, drywall, cement board, and with proper surface preparation even on surfaces like wood, plastic or metal. Its versatility opens up possibilities for creative thinking and innovative design.

    If you need a more robust solution, try our cement-based bricks.

    About Us

    We’re a local company with many years’ experience in the industry. We are proud of the standard of our products. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

    High-Quality Thin Brick Veneers to Elevate Your Project

    With such a fantastic selection of thin brick veneers, we’re confident we can always meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can help!
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