Considering our materials in your projects

Call or message to set up a presentation where we’ll come to you with samples and answer your questions. Or, meet over lunch, on us, to talk about our materials in your projects. Also, here’s some technical info you might need.


Thickness: 0.5 – 0.75″

Dimensions: App 9″ X 2.7″

Weight: 4.5 – 6 lb / sqft

Frost-thaw resistance:
Average mass loss after 50 cycles: 0.20 % (well within the standard range of up to 1.00 %)
Average mass loss after 100 cycles: 0.28 % (well within the standard range of up to 1.00 %)
Average mass loss after 150 cycles: 0.32 % (well within the standard range of up to 1.00 %)
Cracks in structure: No
Cracks on surface: No
Hairline cracks: No
Chipping : No
Breaking : No
Flaking : No
In full compliance with TS-EN 539-2 .

Water Impermeability:
Average water impermeability coefficient (ICXi): 0.86
Highest single value: 0.90
Duration of first drop (Xi) (h) : 2.8
Water impermeability class has been defined as Group 2

Breaking Pressure Point:
Average distance between bottom supports: 153 mm
Average breaking pressure: 0.37 kN
Minimum breaking pressure: 0.31 kN


Thickness: 0.5 – 2″

Weight: 4.5 – 9 lb / sqft

Frost-thaw resistance as per TS699 standarts:
Mass loss: No
Chipping : No
Breaking : No

Water absorption rate:
Average water absorption by percentage of mass: 12%

Average Density:
1.67 g/cm3

Pressure Resistance as per TS3114 standarts:
7 days after production: 35.2 N/mm2
28 days after production: 37.5 N/mm2
Average breaking load after 28 days: 84276 kgf
Average resistance after 28 days: 37.45 MPa


Material: Produced of polyester, stone powder, and fiberglass.

Texture: Looks and feels like natural stone.

Weight: App 1 – 1.5 lb/sqft

Thickness: Between 0.4 – 2 inches depending on the model.

Size: Varies slightly from model to model. Usual size for most models is 53”x 116” (They are at times shipped in 3 pieces, depending on the type of shipment).

Fire Rating: Certified B1 under DIN 4102.

Resizing: Can be cut into desired size and shape by a hand grinder.

Elasticity: Elastic. Suitable for forming vaults and circular structures.

Color: Surface can be painted to any other color if desired.

Pull resistance: 39 MPa as per ISO 527

Elasticity-module – pull: 5246 MPa as per ISO 527

Pull extension: 1.81 MPa as per ISO 527

Bend resistance: 157 MPa as per ISO 178

Elasticity-module – bend: 7030 MPa as per ISO 178

Bend extension: 4.87% as per ISO 178

Izod impact resistance: 55kj/m2 as per ISO 180

Lol-limit oxygen index: 26% as per ISO 4586

Density: 1.4 g/cm3 as per TSEN13501-1+A1:2013

Barkol: 48 as per ASTM D-2583 Co


Material: Marble powder, quartz, cement, natural pigments.

Texture: Smooth. Glossy after polishing.

Weight: 8 – 10 lb/sqft

Thickness: 0,79 inches. After sanding process, tiles get 10-15% thinner.

Size: 7.87” x 7.87”

Joint gaps: Laid without joint gaps. Grout is still applied after installation, in order to smooth out the fine lines and turn the complete surface into a single piece of layer.

Pigment thickness: More than > 0.2”. Surface can be sanded&polished multiple times over the years.