Panels for easy brick installation (Loxon panels)


Screw-on metal panels for brick installation.

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No need to convert area into number of pieces or boxes. Pricing and quantities on our website are all provided on sqft basis (and for corner pieces on lnft basis). Simply enter into quantity box the sqft needed for flat bricks and lnft needed for corners. Once you click on “add to cart”, system will automatically round up your square footage to the nearest box size. Box coverages in this particular listing go by 5.33 increments. MEASURE OF UNIT MENTIONED ON OUR SITE IS ALWAYS SQFT FOR FLATS AND LNFT FOR CORNERS. Always feel free to contact us in case of any further clarification being necessary.
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Metal panels for easy brick installation.

  • Suitable for both interiors and exteriors.
  • Pre-crafted notches provide for easy alignment.
  • Water channels discharge humidity when used on exterior facades.
  • Applicable on any surface that holds screws.
  • Loxon brand.
  • Made in USA.
  • Each sheet is 16″ x 48″ in size and covers an area of 5.33 sqft.

Simply screw panels on your wall, then start laying the bricks on protruding knobs. No need to worry about keeping grout lines level. Adhesion is easily done with elastic adhesives using a caulk gun. Finish up with filling pointing lines with grout.


Compatible with the following lines:

  • Modular Thin Brick series (will yield grout lines of an average width of 3/8″)
  • Antique Brick series (will yield grout lines of an average width of 17/32″)

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