Stone Veneer

Our stone veneering series are cement based cladding stones with an average thickness of 1 inch. Suitable for both interiors and exteriors. Below are the models available in this selection. Click on any image to see it in larger view. Scroll to bottom to get more detailed info.

Stone Veneer

Here are some examples of how they look installed in spaces:

General Properties:

Material: Cement based.

Thickness: Varies depending on the irregularity of the pieces. Usual range is between 0.5 – 1.5 inches.

Weight: App 7-10 lb / sqft

Use: Both indoors and outdoors.

Dimension and thickness values are average values. Due to irregular shape of the product, each piece is different, but within a close range.


Technical Specs:

Frost-thaw resistance as per TS699 standarts:
Mass loss: No
Chipping : No
Breaking : No

Water absorption rate:
Average water absorption by percentage of mass: 12%

Average Density:
1.67 g/cm3

Pressure Resistance as per TS3114 standarts:
7 days after production: 35.2 N/mm2
28 days after production: 37.5 N/mm2
Average breaking load after 28 days: 84276 kgf
Average resistance after 28 days: 37.45 MPa