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Modular thin brick series are clay-based fully hand-made thin bricks used for veneering. Below are the color tones available in this selection. Click on any image to see it in larger view. Scroll to bottom to get more detailed info.

Here are some examples of how they look installed in spaces:

General Properties:

Fully hand made.

Material: Clay based.

Thickness: App 0.5″

Dimensions: 2.25″ x 7.625″

Weight: App 4-6 lb / sqft

Use: Both indoors and outdoors.

All natural colors. No pigments are used. Colors are formed using relative tones of earth.

Dimension and thickness values are average values. Due to irregular shape of the product, each piece is different, but within a close range.

Technical Specs:

Frost-thaw resistance:
Average mass loss after 50 cycles: 0.20 % (well within the standard range of up to 1.00 %)
Average mass loss after 100 cycles: 0.28 % (well within the standard range of up to 1.00 %)
Average mass loss after 150 cycles: 0.32 % (well within the standard range of up to 1.00 %)
Cracks in structure: No
Cracks on surface: No
Hairline cracks: No
Chipping : No
Breaking : No
Flaking : No
In full compliance with TS-EN 539-2 .

Water Impermeability:
Average water impermeability coefficient (ICXi): 0.86
Highest single value: 0.90
Duration of first drop (Xi) (h) : 2.8
Water impermeability class has been defined as Group 2

Breaking Pressure Point:
Average distance between bottom supports: 153 mm
Average breaking pressure: 0.37 kN
Minimum breaking pressure: 0.31 kN

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