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Modular thin brick series are clay-based fully hand-made thin bricks used for veneering. Below are the color tones available in this selection. Click on any image to see it in larger view. Scroll to bottom to get more detailed info.


Here are some examples of how they look installed in spaces:

General Properties:

Fully hand made.

Material: Clay based.

Thickness: App 0.5″

Dimensions: 2.25″ x 7.625″

Weight: App 4.5 lb / sqft

Use: Both interiors and exteriors.

All natural colors. No pigments are used. Colors are formed using relative tones of earth.

Dimension and thickness values are average values. Due to irregular shape of the product, each piece is different, but within a close range.

Technical Specs:

Water Absorption (5-hour boil):

Average water absorption after submerging in boiling water for 5 hours: 11.9%.

Compressive Strength:

Average compressive strength: 79.9 N/mm2

Method of Conditioning: Dryer at 105 deg C 

Method of Preparation: Surface Ground 

Orientation of Loading: Bed Face 

Coefficient of Variation: 11.4 % 

Crushing Machine: 3000KN 

Machine Number: 90011 

Serial Number: 1746

Thermal Conductivity & Water Vapour Permeability:

Thermal Conductivity P=50%     0.58 W/mK

Thermal Conductivity P=90%    0.64 W/mK

Water Vapour Diffusion Coefficient:  5/10μ 

Freeze-thaw test:

After 100 freeze-thaw cycles;

Observation of through cracks: No

Observation of surface cracks larger than 0.2 mm: No

Observation of chipping, peeling, scaling: No

Observation of fracture: No

Observation of spalling, delamination: No

Units are classified as being F2, i.e. suitable for use in conditions of severe exposure. 

Determination of Soluble Salts:

Active Magnesium: % < 0.005  

Active Sodium: % < 0.005

Active Potassium: % < 0.005

Sodium+Potassium: % < 0.01

Water Soluble Magnesium: % < 0.01



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1 year ago

How much is your shipping costs to MAINE 04220?

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Hi Gary,

Shipping costs vary based on the total weight and distance. They are calculated and presented to you in real time on our website. Simply add the quantity of materials into your cart, go to checkout page, and enter the delivery address. Based on the weight of what you have in cart and your zip code, you’ll see that shipping costs will appear at the bottom of page. If you add/deduct materials or change the delivery address, page will refresh to give you the new cost accordingly.

Btw, we don’t see your address or contact info until you actually checkout on that page (and even after we do, we never do promotional e-mails, phone calls, or physical mail), so never be worried about that either. We only contact you within the scope of taking care of your order.

Just let us know if you have any further questions!

5 months ago

Hi, looking at this photocomment image?w=1200&ssl=1 of what you have online (pic of inside a restaurant wall) can I get the same look using only MRE01 or MRE02? The comment on the photo says they used 3 different types of brick to create the look. Thank you

5 months ago
Reply to  Tera

MRE01 is a blend model made of the same mixture as mentioned in that photo. So, it is the same product. Not all blend models are listed under the online shop, but you can order it by dividing your total square footage into 3, and ordering each of the 3 models that go into the blend. Or, just give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you.

3 months ago

Is this product paint able?

3 months ago
Reply to  Becky

Yes, it is!